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The Richtersveld Municipality consists of a head office in Port Nolloth and four satellite offices, namely Sanddrift, Kuboes, Lekkersing and Eksteenfontein.

The role of the municipality and its members in the community is, to maintain efficient use of the natural, human and cultural resources of the region so that the community may prosper and our future will be secured.

About the Richtersveld
The Richtersveld is a unique landscape surrounded by a variety of contrasts. In Port Nolloth you’ll find the ocean, from a distance it looks like a glowing body that lies stretched out before you. At Alexander Bay the Orange River spews out it’s last waters. At Lekkersing and Eksteenfontein there’s no river nor ocean, but underground water that is a little brackish. Rainfall is no familiar face to this area and water is a scarce commodity. Yet the vast plains, which are considered a special place by some, are still a very beautiful region with its unique characteristics that attracts thousands of tourists to the Richtersveld. We can genuinely say that the Richtersveld is a Conservation area. Not only is the geographical area unique, but also its people, which is why this area must manage its resources in an optimal manner.

Vision of Richtersveld Municipality
We should continuously strive to develop all the resources of the Richtersveld, including its natural, cultural and human resource, in a manner that is sustainable and benefits the people of the region so that our future will be secure.

Mission Statement of Richtersveld Municipality
To maintain optimal standards of professional practice leading to the highest possible quality of service delivery.
To provide and render direct services, support and advocacy for customers, stakeholders and employees involved in service delivery.
To meet the individual needs of each customer without regard to race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, indigent status or ability to pay for services.
To respect customer and his/her family as individuals, assuring the right for confidentiality, respect and dignity.
To integrate community consultation in all service delivery.
To promote and encourage professional growth of all staff members.



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